Time Management & Resilience


Time Management covers important skill-sets that can help to ensure one is effective and efficient at work. This leads to an increase in productivity while maintaining good mental and emotional health.

The key is knowing how to manage our priorities and activities in the time that is available, as well as apply various productivity tools and strategies.

And in this era of Covid-19 and Working From Home, work and personal life can get even more stressful too.

In this program, participants will learn these productivity skills and be better able to contribute to positive work culture. They will also learn how to improve their stress management with practical and proven approaches that work not only at work but also in their personal lives. As a result, their resilience will increase.


  • Gain practical approaches to improve your personal time and resource management
  • Acquire proven goal setting and prioritization techniques to be more productive
  • Gain the skills to use various productivity skills such as correct multitasking, saying “no” and more
  • Gain useful strategies to manage and change stressful situations you often face
  • Gain the skills to change the meanings we give to situations to handle pressure well
  • Acquire the skills to rest and recharge yourself as needed
  • Gain the skills to increase key resilience factors
  • Gain practical knowledge and skills to improve our physical health and well-being
  • Appreciate healthy and supportive mental habits

This program uses Adult Learning approaches. This includes minimal lectures, use of multimedia aids such as videos and music, demonstrations, case studies, group discussions, presentations, learning games, self-evaluations and self-reflection. Examples, Case Studies, and Mini-Projects will be adjusted accordingly.


Non Executives, Executives, Assistant Managers, Managers