Remote Working and Employee Engagement.

Remote and hybrid working methods have become increasingly prevalent in today’s working environment thus, impacting employee engagement in the organization.

When it comes to employee engagement and remote work, some might see them as an imperfect match.
“How can employees engage when they are not even coming to the office?”

Here is the thing we would like to clarify,

Employee engagement is not only about employees participating in workplace activities or working extra hours for the paycheck. It is about the emotional commitment the employees have to their responsibilities, organization, and goals. (Forbes, 2012)


  1. Disconnection and isolation due to the absence of in-person interactions impact employees’ mental health and motivation to work.
  2. Remote work can hinder effective communication, potentially harming team cohesion, and causing misunderstandings and disengagement within team members and employees in the organization.
  3. Facing more distractions at home. Issues such as difficulty staying focused, imbalance in work and personal life, and engagement during work hours may occur.

Employees and the organization will benefit when the issues are addressed and remote working is done ethically by the employees:

  1. Remote working allows employees to tailor their work environments to their preferences. Promoting a healthier work-life balance, and leading to a more productive and positive workforce.
  2. Commuting back-to-back from the office and home can be stressful, causing the employees burnout due to exhaustion. Remote work eliminates this stress, promoting better employee well-being.
  3. Remote work offers flexibility in scheduling and location, enhancing job satisfaction, motivation, and employee engagement.

Organizations that embrace remote working methods need to address these challenges and actively promote strategies to maintain and enhance employee engagement in a virtual work environment.

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